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The Red Army
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new stuff for the bandCollapse )


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Alastair [userpic]

Red20's Sheffield Debut Gig
31st January 2006 - D'n'R Live (previously Under the Boardwalk)

Come and see our first ever home-town gig and the start of Red20's 2006 tour!

'Citizen Stain' album release to follow in February.

More information as it happens!

EDIT: New website launched! www.red20.net

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Alastair [userpic]

Most of you reading this will have heard the latest Red20 single, "Carnivore".

Well, since it will be a month or two until we release the second single from Citizen Stain (which will be "Second Class Citizen"), I thought it would be interesting to let people remix / play with the multitrack recording of "Carnivore".


Just stick all of the files into your sequencer of choice with the same start point, set the tempo to 147bpm, and see what you can come up with. We'd be interested to hear the results. Of course, please don't sell your remixes without letting us know first, but feel free to distribute them free, so long as we get credit, of course!

...oh, and be gentle with my bandwidth!

Rach [userpic]

I just wanted to say how impressed I am by the new single, 'Carnivore'. The 'Red20' sound has really developed to be more original, I think you have a distinctive voice now. Looking forward to the album! :)

Rach [userpic]

Excited about the gig, the band has come a long way since it first started, I'm really proud of you guys! :)

Janie [userpic]

Does Lee even exist?

Not sure

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Alastair [userpic]

An update in here is probably due, so here it is:

18 tracks have been completed for "CITIZEN STAIN" (a few more to go), which will be a double disc album, and Red20's swansong. Other things may grow from this, but with CS we've done what we intended to do as Red20. Tracklist will be up in the coming weeks.

Also, our first live gig is confirmed as 23rd July, at #10 in Rotherham. Flyer is here. Come and see us!

More gigs are planned, possibly including a support slot for a band much bigger than us.

Watch this space...

Rach [userpic]

Every time I listen to the "Red Album" it grows on me, I really think you guys have great potential and I'm not just saying that cos I know you, I know other people in bands and if I don't like their stuff I just don't say anything! I am trying to spread the word by pimping you whenever I can.

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Rach [userpic]

I watched the video for "Showdown"- fucking mental! :)

Mo of Doom [userpic]

I have just listened to the final version of The Red Album, it sounds fantastic. Well done Gentlemen :D

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